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12 February 2012

Step by step, my decoupage

Part One
  My choice ; bookmark

The paper - paper napkin or  paper for decoupagu

My choose is paper to the decoupagu; Klimt
 Now, I am cut, and adjusts to the subject.

The next step - glue and brush,

Now, I stick the paper, with a special glue, on the painted with acrylic paint wooden surface.

After drying, a small sanding

 Now the edges are clean and ready to paint

 ....to be continued.
the next part; painting and finishing

Now finishing; varnish
 clips to brooches



 cord for pendants




Ordered to Richard, sended today to the owner

                     Round brooch and pendant sold

Lace to a bookmark, or for a little icon, to hang on the wall

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